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EcoTradeCounter is a outlet that offers a wide range of building materials, such as permeable paving grids, woven and non-woven geotextile membranes, manhole covers, gabion baskets, garden edging etc. The concept for EcoTradeCounter is to create a platform where people can buy what they need in one trip.

Customers are able to purchase EcoTradeCounter’s products on its site and have the option to choose home delivery or collection.

The Brief

With the wide range of products, EcoTradeCounter needs an organised platform to presents its products. As well as ways to advertise their sales and announcements.

We will be revamping its existing site to enhance the user experience; set a marketing strategy to promote products; and design a catalogue introducing each product.

The Website

Since EcoTradeCounter has a lot of products that need to be included on the site, it is very important to have good navigation for customers to find what they want easily.

In the new design, we gave the content plenty of space so it is pleasent to the eye and each section is tidy and clear. We have also combined all the same products of different sizes into one page.

The Digital Marketing

To help EcoTradeCounter gain brand awareness and promote special offers, we have created an account on multiple social meda platforms to showcase different products every week.

The Digital Prints

Although the industry has digitalised a lot in advertising and marketing, there are still used in in certain prints. After communicating with EcoTradeCounter, we got some branded tapes and a business catalogue.

EcoTradeCounter will use branded tape to prepare for delivery.

As for the catalogue, its purpose is to cover EcoTradeCounter’s offline users so they are still able to recieve information about the products.

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Web Design   Web Development   Digital Prints


Web Design   Web Development   Digital Prints