September 2, 2019

Package 1

Our most popular package by far. Simple set up and all the costs are controlled by you does it all work, exactly?

Our token system

A simple but effective way for you to control your on-going costs. You buy a token or several tokens and you get a code. One token gets you:

1 x e mail session to ask questions or solve an issue (free if it is our doing!)
1 x page text or image alteration (you email us a word file with images and instructions and we load it up for you)

Two tokens gets you:

1 x whole new page addition
An additional section or widget to your website

Three tokens get you:

A choice of three individual logo designs (you choose which you prefer)

  • You purchase package one from our on-line shop
  • We send you an on-line contact form to ascertain details about you, your required website address and type of business
  • We also send you a site template for colours, logos (if any)
  • Once all is received, we get to work designing your website and it will be live usually withing 2-3 days
  • We send you all the relevant log-ins
  • We secure the site domain and email addresses