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Spudulica is a company that specialises in all different types of outdoor accessories, this ranges from geotextile membranes to horse arenas. Spudulica prides themselves on being at the tippy top of the field and being among the most knowledgeable in the sector.

The Brief

Spudulica approached us to revamp their website and design a new packaging for their products to uniform everything. The inspiration will be taken from the current branding.

The Website

Spudulica is seriously focused on garden accessories, with this in mind we wanted to create a website that reflected that, this resulted in us going for the green & white color scheme keeping the site looking fresh and inviting.

Spudulica wants the website to include easy navigation, an auto-updating instagram feed to show off what they get up to in real time as well as easily updateable blog posts that feature current events in the world of garden accessories or guides on how to do certain things.

We faced a challenge where the mass of content that was needed on the front page of the site, we didn’t want it to look too busy or cluttered. Therefore, we created an easy to follow page with an almost chronological layout, putting all the most important things at the top of the page then as the consumer scrolls down they get to see all the extra little touches and explore Spudulica more.


The Packaging

We needed to connect with the customers who purchased from the site or grab potential customers by se

The target audience is domestic users, therefore, Spudulica offers different sizes and amounts of the same products. The result of that is multiple sizes of packaging will be needed in order to deliver the products safely.

We ended with 2 designs for different folding packaging. Come with the packages, we have also included a “Thank you card” to make the purchase experience more pleasant for the customers.

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Web Design   Web Development   Digital Prints


Web Design   Web Development   Digital Prints