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Alusthetic is a company that leads the market in all aesthetically pleasing aluminium products such as manhole covers, garden border edging and threshold drains. Due to the niche nature of this website, we had to create something that reflected the company’s value of being aesthetically pleasing.

The Brief

Alusthetic wanted to showcase its exterior furnishings to help with the stereotype that manhole covers and threshold drains can’t look nice, including a website, media content management and digital print elements.

The Website

The website includes all the information about each product; their specifications; personalised blog posts and specialised contact forms for the customer to get in touch with. Therefore, we believe that having a non-cluttered; aesthetically pleasing is very important for Alusthetic.

We faced the challenge of letting customers get in touch and make orders as easily as if it was a standard E-Commerce site, while Alusthetic does not sell directly off the website due to the very niche industry making price changes happen a lot.

Our solution was to include all the retailers’ platforms to make them easily accessible. Also, we created a sleek contact form that allows customers to input all of their requirements in order for Alusthetic to respond with a direct quote of what it would cost without having to go back and forth to find out what the customer needs.

The Digital Marketing

To future advertise Alusthetic’s products and educate customers about the benefits they can bring, we have set up social media platform and subscription newsletter to keep customers in the loop. 

The design direction is with simple black and white design, and a single blue as the special colour to emphasise important information.

The Digital Prints

We understand Alusthetic approach to both business-to-customer and business-to-business. In order to accommodate both accessible information online and offline, we have also provided product information in a downloadable format, as well as prepared hardcopies.

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Web Design   Web Development   Digital Prints


Web Design   Web Development   Digital Prints