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EcoGrid is a company that excels in providing  the world’s No.1 permeable paving grid. Based in Wirral with a UK warehouse, they are able to offer quick delivery with quality international products.

The Brief

EcoGrid has been established for over 17 years. Over the years, they offered multiple options for the permeable paving grids and received a lot of reviews to demonstrate the quality and versatility of the product. With that in mind, there are still many companies, even locally who have never heard of EcoGrid before. Therefore, we need to come up with a strategy to make EcoGrid stand out from the industry, by using a website, media platform and certain elements of traditional marketing.

The Website

The website needs to include all the information about each product; different specifications available for a wide range of uses; testimonials from their customers etc. Therefore, we believe that having a good, easy-to-use navigation system is important for EcoGrid.

Due to the massive size of ‘EcoGrid’, we had to find a way to integrate all of the necessary pages into a clean, sleek design without bogging the site down too much with huge pop-ups for navigation as well as not just covering their homepage with buttons leading off to all the pages.

Our solution was to create a condensed top-side navigation bar with 6 drop-down menus leading to all the pages that have anything to do with the topmost category.

The Digital Marketing

Other than product information, EcoGrid website also provides CPD training introduction, projects with EcoGrid and blog posts to give customers the latest updates within the industry and the company.

Customers need to be encouraged and direct to the relevant information, so we have come up with a start-up strategy for the EcoGrid social media platform to follow and drive traffic to the website.

We have also implanted an email newsletter for announcing exciting news and exclusive information such as selective sales or trade price promotions.

The Digital Prints

The major audience for EcoGrid is business-to-business sales and large-scale projects, hence, information about the products needs to be easily accessible and transferable. We have chosen to display the information as a brochure where EcoGrid can include them on the website, and have the choice to print them out or send them via other methods.

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Web Design   Web Development   Digital Prints