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Recessed Manhole Covers

RecessedManholeCovers is an outlet store that specialises in all different types of manhole covers, this includes but is not limited to Solid tops, Recessed covers, Cast iron, Aluminium double & triple-sealed as well as a whole bunch of other types.

The Brief

RecessedManholeCovers wants our team to build this online outlet store, along with a system to gain customer loyalty, including a website and digital marketing. RecessedManholeCovers has an absolutely massive array of products, this meant we had to keep everything accessible through a very extended navigation system.

The Website

The website needed to include all available products (which is over 500) which meant all of them needed images, descriptions, stock counts etc. This would normally put a huge amount of load on the website and make it extremely slow, however, we were able to create an extended navigation bar which divvied all the categories into its own section, keeping the page load rate at a good speed.

The Digital Marketing

We needed to connect with the customers who purchased from the site or grab potential customers by setting up an email newsletter.

RecessedManholeCovers can keep customers updated with the latest news and encourage them to purchase from the site again.

The Digital Prints

The major audience for RecesseManholeCovers  is business-to-customer sales and mid-scale projects, hence, information about the products needs to be easily accessible and transferable. We have chosen to display the information as a brochure where RecessedManholeCovers can include them on the website, and have the choice to print them out or send them via other methods.

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Web Design   Web Development   Digital Prints


Web Design   Web Development   Digital Prints