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EquiGrids Focused on providing building materials for equestrian uses. This includes permeable porous grids, geotextile membranes and jointing accessories. They always emphasise the importance of a clean and dry environment for horses to live in.

The Brief

EquiGrids approached us due to their worries about their visual identity being out of date and not standing out from the crowd.

To target this task, we need to redesign the logo and set a new colour scheme for the brand while retaining the core vision. At the same time, we will also revamp the website to suit the new appearance and refine the site to make it more user friendly.

The Brand Refresh

The new EquiGrids style is more vibrant and lively than the past as well as lots of equestrian businesses. The logo is formed from the natural element and nature colours, kept using serif typeface to maintain a bit of an elegent feel.

The Website

Following the new visual identity, we have refined the layout of the site, so users can find what they are looking for effectively, especially when EquiGrids wanted to stay a joint of information sites and e-commerce sites.


The Digital Marketing

To improve website traffic, we opened a Facebook account for EquiGrids, along with a content management startup plan to follow at the beginning.

The content changes depending on what EquiGrids would like to focus on. Rather they want to push the sales for a specific product or gain brand awareness/engagements.

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Web Design   Web Development   Digital Prints


Web Design   Web Development   Digital Prints