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RainCatcher is a business specialising in rainwater harvesting, it manufactures, designs and provides rainwater collection systems for domestic, house building and commercial projects. Their philosphy includes clear communication, customer interaction and market trends to ensure customers are satisfied with their purchase and the positive impacts of the purchase.

The Brief

RainCatcher sensed its logo and website appearances are not fitting with its marketing direction and failed to communicate with its audience effectively. Hence, those two sections will be refined in order to place the business back under the spotlight.


The Brand Refresh

Instead of a brand new rebrand, RainCatcher’s concept is more like a brand refresh. This means the business is changing certain elements to keep with the current marketplace.

We have revised the logo based on their previous design. RainCatcher would like to keep their brand colour, however, we believe they should have a secondary colour scheme for future marketing materials to help make important information stand out.


The Website

RainCatcher’s website has been a combination of informational and e-commerce websites. It provides an online presence for the company and contains useful information for customers to view as they pleased. At the same time, the website also allows customers to purchase their goods and services.

The reason they want to revamp the website is that the layout of the website was quite crowded and unclear. Every little thing that happens on the site could potentially affect the user experience and have an impact on the sales, hence, we need to change that.

The Digital Marketing

The website contains all the information a customer would need. The next step is to create other channels to connect with the audience. This is because relying solely on the search engine to bring us traffic is not enough.

The channel we decided to use for RainCatcher was social media and an email newsletter.

Both routes were used to provide useful information about different products and services, also including news topics and tips related to rainwater harvesting.

Social media platforms are available to anyone, whereas email newsletters are only sent to audiences who have subscribed. It also includes more content for each topic.

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Web Design   Web Development   Digital Prints


Web Design   Web Development   Digital Prints